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More effective elearning, faster

Successful organizations use our simple and intuitive authoring tool to deliver high quality learning 50% faster. Respond quicker; collaborate; innovate.

Discover why learning managers are moving to Elucidat.

Elucidat customers produce more elearning in-house in the same time, with the same team. This leads to positive behavourial change and impact across their business.

Simple to use, no training required

Trainers, team leaders and others with no previous experience of elearning use Elucidat to quickly author enterprise-grade elearning.
Increase elearning output by empowering your entire team to author elearning, not just your elearning team.


Brand match and control

Ensure consistent brand quality across your learning. Enforce design standards so all your authors are able to produce better looking elearning.
Apply new branding to existing modules in seconds.


Author once, Learn anywhere

Elucidat courses are multi-device compatible. They look beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Let us worry about the design – you focus on the content, and test as you author with our ‘Responsive slider’.


Author elearning faster

Elucidat cuts out unnecessary steps in the development process so you can create more effective elearning in less time.
Our inbuilt collaboration and communication tools enable your team to spend less time collating feedback and more time authoring elearning.

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