About us

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Modo Network is a specialist consultant for the retail industry and online training.
We believe that digital technology is one of the keys to success in any industry, including human resources and retail.
We have evolved continually since opening in 1998, and today provide our clients with all the experience we have gathered in what have been revolutionary times.

Currently, we have two Business Units:

  • Digital HR: digital technology and social networks have transformed the HR industry: from recruiting to training, and from talent management to succession planning. These transformations need to be tackled with the right approach and the right technology.
  • RETAIL: in an increasingly complex market, a systematic approach to sales and warehouse planning needs to be based on tools and skills that curb waste and increase profit margins.



Elucidat is an intuitive and versatile tool that enables teams to develop and deliver interactive and engaging learning contents with an amazing look and feel, without the need to be technical authors.


Sum Total Systems

SumTotal Systems deliver Talent Expansion solutions that help companies develop the potential of their workforce, improving performance in real time.



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